Monday, 31 May 2010

Time for tea.

I point blank refuse to believe that any day that starts with a cup of tea this pretty can end up badly. I found these teacups in a chairty shop for £2 for the set of 4 and they were far to adorable to say no to. Theyve been used mostly for jelly at 2 friends tea parties, but i have a feeling could become candles in the not too distant future !

Not a crafty day here today, but productive none the less, iv found theres very little more satisfying than wandering down to the end of the garden

and seeing your vegetables growing. This coming from a lady who is a danger to potplants and shrubs alike, somehow our vege's this year are not only surviving but flourishing, i blame the handywork of one little miss greenfingers ! Looks like chutneys and jams for this years christmas pressies are go go GO ! Shall start saving jars !

1 comment:

  1. Love the cups!! I want to get some to make into candles. Am gagging for a cuppa, but Ive run out of tea bags & its raining!!! The gardens looking good!! xx