Thursday, 3 June 2010

Just because


Boy how id love to be able to graduation dye, or even have the cuts to attempt it swoon ! These are gorgeous wraps to start with but how sumptious are they, twit twoo ! More of the ladys work here.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

I love flickr because...... matter what it is your into you can find something a little bit amazing on flickr to inspire you

Amazing photostream from a lady who makes everything from these gorgeous looking dollies, to slippers, and then gorgeous sumptious pots and paperwork ! So inspiring, so jealous ! Find here photostream here, and blog here .

To just plain gorgeous photography, i love the warmth and texture of this photo soo much, iv just found the lady who took it has a photostream here and runs an online workshop, sqeee going ot look into what it involves !

Heatwave Wednesday

Check out my super cool new apron ! And what do you do when you have a new apron..... break it in !
So we whipped up a batch of sponge cakes, louie in the rs and flo generously helping with the mixing ;) And while we waited for them to do their thing went for a wander in the garden, meaning that we almost forgot about them !
I think this is how you make a lucky apron, they came out lovely and even look like butterflies for the most part rather than erupting volcano cakes !
Another pic to show how gorgeously snuggle rds can be, and a good indication of my reaction when oh said he didnt want to try it out as it looked girlie ;)
Were trying out a new sling this week, having been ringsling impaired for the whole time flos been around i decided to give them another chance and am SO glad i did as Louie seems to find them super comfy and with a littley theyre easy peasy to get comfy, so louie got to cook with us too :)